Why was Goldshield® Started?

In the middle of years of research on antimicrobial technology, Tom’s father passed away from a hospital-acquired infection. He found himself newly driven toward developing technologies that would eliminate the possibilities of germs, improperly cleaned, killing another person’s loved one.

With the help of my late father and a former Dean of Harvard Medical School, the Goldshield Formula was born. Today, our families work tirelessly toward their dream of spreading this safe protection to every corner of the world.

– Brian Shlisky, COO


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Tom Higgins

Thomas L Higgins, Co-Chairman, CEO, a founder of the Company and formerly Chairman and CEO of Higgins Industries, a textile and consumer products company. He has been honored at the United Nations by UNEP and the Fashion Guild of America for developments in the organic cotton industry and the recognition he brought to the industry on pesticide reduction. He was recognized by President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development and was awarded the Osaka Environmental Citation. He has been involved in his own International businesses since the nineteen-eighties. He was a Board Member and one of the founders of the National Organic Cotton Association. He is an inventor and patent holder of five unique formulations.

Theodore M. Shlisky

Theodore M. Shlisky (Ted), Chief Regulatory Officer, [deceased] a founder of the Company, a Professional Engineer, who began his career working on Nuclear Submarine power plant design at General Dynamics Electric Boat. He was also Executive Vice President for Scientific Industries, a medical device manufacturing company, and later formed as CEO Pharmetics Inc., a public listed entity that manufactured pharmaceutical sterilizers. He was involved in over 30 US and International patents separate from his involvement in the Goldshield patents.

Murry Zborowski

Murry Zborowski, Co-Chairman, a founder, an international businessman who started out in the family enterprise, a licensee of Textron’s Sheaffer Pen. He also created All America Telecom, an exclusive importer for Samsung and LG cell-phones in Brazil, today a top seller in the market. Murry resides in Israel and NY.

Our Commitment

Goldshield is committed to providing simple ways that protect what matters, and what matters to us is the health and safety of the World’s population with a clear focus on children. We are all faced with the challenges of microbial contamination that can range from viral pandemics to the sustainability issues of our planet. We firmly support the balance of our Earth’s biosphere and human civilization. The importance of this commitment to co-exist is a goal we as a company are firmly dedicated to.

We will use only recycled containers and will purify our water when manufacturing our water-based formulations. In using any general textiles, we will use organic or synthetic recycled polymers. We will continue to use various organic compounds in all our formulations and where appropriate botanicals. Our manufacturing criteria is committed to the same objectives. We reduce energy consumption, we use only recycled packaging materials, and where available utilize transportation fleets that are more efficient.

Leave no child un-protected – this is our goal. We have made a corporate commitment to seek out charitable organizations to whom we can provide packages intended for developing nations and populations that will aid in improving water purification, offer skin protective sanitizers, provide room and air quality products that mitigate nasty microbes, and offer personal protective equipment that will not only inhibit viral inhalation, but kill the organisms.

To this we are dedicated.

The Goldshield Founders

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