Our Patented Formula

Goldshield’s patented formula provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and fungi that cause odors, staining, discoloration for surfaces when compared to other leading products. Goldshield surface protectants remain active for up to 90 days meaning, applications are less frequent but more effective when compared to alcohol-based solutions.

Bonds to Surfaces

Bonding is a scientific word for two things sticking together. When Goldshield is sprayed on a surface or fabric it actually breaks through the surface tension and creates a strong bond with the surface -- a covalent bond -- in essence Goldshield becomes a part of the surface. In fact, they stick so strongly together that Goldshield won't be washed or rubbed off by the next cleanings.

Charges the Surface

Goldshield has a nitrogen molecule. This nitrogen positively charges Goldshield - it's called electrostatic charged. Most microbes are negatively charge. So, like strong magnets, microbes are "attracted" to anywhere Goldshield has been applied.

Attracts & Kills Microbes

The structure of Goldshield resembles a nano-size "bed of nails" or cones. When microbes are drawn towards a Goldshield protected surface they are impaled and the electrostatic charge kills them.

Continues to Protect

Each tiny cone can kill multiple microbes depending on size (think microbe kabob). It typically takes 90 days before all the spikes hit dead germ capacity. Because of Goldshield's bonding ability, your surface and fabrics are protected for up to 90 days.
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