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Our kid-friendly, moisturizing foam hand sanitizer keeps hands soft and protected for significantly longer than alcohol-based alternatives, which stop protecting once your hands are dry.

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Here at Goldshield we, like the CDC, recommend washing hands with soap and water whenever possible because proper handwashing (for the full 20 seconds) is the best line of defense to protect those that matter most. But, we also all have families and know that washing hands is not always an option in today’s fast-paced society. This is where Goldshield Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer can ease the stress of heading out and about.

Using Goldshield Hand Sanitizer will help you and your loved ones avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Even better, due to the ability of the Goldshield formula to remain active on your skin for longer than alcohol after it dries, there’s no need to reapply before and after every transition in your day. Unless your hands are visibly dirty or greasy, you can pass through your day confident that you have the longest-lasting, fastest-acting, gentle protection available. The only exception we make for this is after using the restroom. When a handwashing station is available after using the restroom please always use soap and water before reapplying Goldshield Hand Sanitizer. Always Wash. Dry. Reapply.

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