Safe by Design

Our Goldshield Surface Cleaning System provides a lasting clean that is unbeatably effective, fast-acting, and safe to use on most surfaces and all textiles.

Up to 90
Day Protection
Free of
Harsh Chemicals
Save Time
& Money

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More About Surface Products:

With the Goldshield Surface Cleaning System, you can set aside worry and have confidence and peace of mind that your time, money, and health have been protected.  We are surrounded by surfaces every moment of every day, in our homes, cars, work, and out and about.  Not only that, so are our children and pets.  No one has time to wonder if all their hard work cleaning is actually protecting them or not.

We like to follow the guidelines set out by the CDC for general surface cleaning.  General daily cleaning is sufficient for homes where everyone is healthy.  Unfortunately, in today’s microbe-filled environment we never know what’s been brought back into our homes and workspaces, and cross-contamination is an ever-present risk.  That’s where Goldshield takes surface care to the next level to help you protect what matters.

No matter your lifestyle and need, the Goldshield Surface Cleaning System has a solution for you and a guarantee that you are using products that were created with the family and environment in mind from the beginning.

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