COVID 19 Disinfectant Wipes

Simple to use, powerful disinfection – EPA approved to kill COVID 19 and 99.9% of other germs in 30 seconds!



A new generation of no-rinse food contact surface disinfecting wipes are here and have set the standard for convenience and ease of use for all. With no need for a pre-clean, powerful broad hospital microbial efficacy, and proven SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) elimination, Goldshield disinfecting wipes are a must have addition to any cleaning routine.


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How To Use

  1. Pull off package seal and open lid.
  2. To start, pull out first wipe by taking the edge of the wipe from the large opening to the small dispensing opening and pull up.
  3. Keep the lid shut securely between uses to retain moisture.

Please see “Directions for Use” instructions on your product packaging for additional information.

Technical Documentation

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Safe by Design

Our Goldshield Surface Cleaning System provides a lasting clean that is unbeatably effective, fast-acting and safe to use on any surface and textile.

Free of
Harsh Chemicals
Streak Free Clean

Approved Product Claims

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