Defender by Xanigo – Atomizer Sprayer

A light weight, easy to use, corded atomizer sprayer.



The Xanigo Defender is a high-powered atomizer designed to provide full and effective coverage. With a spray distance of 10ft, the Defender is a great choice to protect areas easily and rapidly. The Defender is 120V and comes with a 12ft cord. Common uses are classrooms, gymnasiums, sports equipment, gyms. Simply spray and walk away.


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How To Use

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Technical Documentation


Is the Xanigo Sprayer an electrostatic tool?

No. The Xanigo Sprayer is an atomizer that is classified as an air assisted sprayer.

Why should I use the Xanigo Atomizer when I can use spray bottles?

The Xanigo Atomizer tools use 4x less solution than a typical spray bottle, is much easier to spray and get complete coverage.

After spraying with the Xanigo Sprayer, do I have to wipe it up after?

No. You just spray the surface and let it dry. If you have to wipe or see streaking, you are spraying the target too long or too closely.

Is the Xanigo Sprayer tool Cordless?

The Xanigo Defender is not cordless. The Xanigo Freedom is cordless.

What is the spray distance?

The Defender (corded) tool sprays up to 10 feet while the Freedom (cordless) tool sprays up to 8 feet.

How much does the tool weigh?

The Defender (corded) tool weighs 3.2 lbs. while the Freedom (cordless) tool weighs 3 lbs.

How long is the cord on the Xanigo Defender?

The cord is 16 feet long.

How far away should I stand while disinfecting?

You should stand about 4-6 ft from the surface you are disinfecting.

How many ounces of liquid does the pot hold?

The pot holds 28 oz.

What is it safe to spray on?

Since the Xanigo Atomizer is so efficient, it is safe to spray on most surfaces, however it is recommended that you test the surface first.

What does the “Jog Wheel” do?

The jog wheel adjusts the fan patter of your spray to suit the task at hand.

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