I heard Microfiber cloths can kill germs, is that true?

No. Microfiber cloths alone (with water) can clean but not sanitize or disinfect. The tiny fibers on a microfiber cloth are hook-shaped and are 1/16 the thickness of a human hair, meaning they are extra effective at picking up germs but don't kill them. An independent study done by the EPA found that “extremely fine (.37 micrometer diameter) microfiber was both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to pickup up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals)." After wiping away germs and bacteria, simply rinse or wash your microfiber cloth to eliminate any contamination.

Can I use a regular rag with Goldshield?

Yes, but only if you follow the Directions for Use instructions and spray the surface directly, allow the Goldshield to sit for 3 minutes, and then wipe until dry. If you spray directly onto a non-microfiber rag some of the Goldshield will bond to the rag itself and leave less to bond to the surface. We always recommend use of a microfiber cloth because it is naturally electrostatically charged - like the Goldshield formula - and therefore allows the Goldshield to fully bond to the surface.

What are the cleaning benefits of microfiber?

Cleaning Benefits: - Removes dust and bacteria - Lifts and traps dirt - Scratch-free - Lint-free - Streak-free - Very absorbent - Green cleaning acceptance

What are the environmental benefits of microfiber?

Environmental Benefits - Reduced chemical use - Reduced water use - Improved cleaning - Decreased solid waste - Replaceable parts on mop base

What are the economic benefits of microfiber?

Economic Benefits - Reduced cross-contamination - Reduced water use - Durable - Labor savings

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