Goldshield Technologies' Groundbreaking Antimicrobial Technology Proven to Eliminate COVID-19 on Personal Protective Equipment

New study finds when Goldshield® 5 is applied to medical masks and gloves it can reduce COVID-19 exposure for up to 72 hours.

Intiva Health Partners With Goldshield Technologies to Distribute Groundbreaking Disinfectant in Fight Against COVID-19

Intiva Health has entered into an exclusive agreement with Goldshield Technologies to bring the next generation of infection prevention to health care facilities in the Western Hemisphere.

The next step in antimicrobial surface and personal protection technology

Goldshield’s innovation could help combat the global issue of healthcare-associated infection, including COVID-19.

ServiceMaster Brands shields up with new antimicrobial service

Service Master Brands has started an antimicrobial service through a partnership with Goldshield Technologies.

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