The Importance Of Protecting Your Surfaces

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The Importance of Protecting Your Surfaces

It’s no secret that germs are everywhere. They’re on your desk, in the air you breathe, and they’re even on your favorite food. The surfaces we touch and use on a daily basis are breeding grounds for different microbes that can potentially harm our health. So how do we protect ourselves from these microscopic bugs?

Cleaning your surfaces regularly is a great start, but using the right cleaning products with the right technology is what truly makes the difference.

Microbes On Surfaces

When a surface is used or touched on a regular basis, it acquires microscopic organisms over time that can be transferred to our bodies and potentially cause illness. These surfaces could be your desk at work or home, the kitchen countertop where you prepare food, or an elevator button that you press every day on the way to work. Once pathogens find their way onto surfaces in our homes and offices, they can also be recirculated back into the air we breathe.

The Importance of Surface Cleaning

When you clean a surface with traditional methods, you are actually removing the visible dirt and debris. In many cases, this method leaves behind unseen microorganisms that can survive for weeks or months on surfaces in your home or office. While some of these microbes will die off over time due to exposure to light and air, others can linger indefinitely unless they’re destroyed by another process such as disinfecting or sanitizing. It’s essential to protect yourself from harmful germs in your environment at all times, so finding products to kill pathogens in their tracks should be a top priority when it comes to cleaning and maintaining healthy homes and offices.

It is important to be aware that the pathogens we bring into our homes and offices can pose serious danger if they are allowed to circulate. Unclean HVAC systems and contaminated surfaces account for a massive amount of illnesses and allergies, causing problems in many different indoor environments. Regular cleaning with disinfecting and sanitizing products is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from surfaces to the air and other people.

Microbial Contamination On Surfaces


In a health care setting, where surfaces are touched by multiple people each day, these infectious microbes can quickly spread from one patient to another and have been linked to hospital-acquired infections (HAI).  Despite efforts in cleaning and disinfection protocols that attempt to stop the transmission of pathogens on surfaces, HAIs continue to be a risk for patients and healthcare workers alike.

Because hospitals and other healthcare environments are at an increased risk for microbial contamination, it is imperative to use cleaning products that kill microorganisms on contact and reduce the risk of dangerous contamination.


Keeping surfaces within your household clean can significantly reduce the risk of allergies, infections, and the spread of viruses – especially during cold and flu seasons. The importance of finding products that clean effectively while still containing safe ingredients is vital, especially in homes with young children and pets.


Clean surfaces within the foodservice industry may seem like a no-brainer, but it is essential to emphasize the importance of sanitizing surfaces to prevent foodborne illnesses. Even if you are not preparing or serving food directly, the contamination of other items can lead to cross-contamination. The use of effective sanitizers is crucial in any establishment where food is prepared, served, made, or packaged for both consumer and worker safety.


Keeping a clean and healthy work environment for employees is vital. Since many employees spend eight hours a day in the office, surfaces must be properly disinfected on a daily basis. Many people come into contact with various shared items while at work, including computer keyboards, printer buttons, doorknobs or handles, desks, file cabinets – basically every surface imaginable! Keeping these surfaces clean is essential to keeping your employees safe, healthy, and productive.


Schools hold the same responsibility as offices to provide a clean and healthy environment for students, teachers, and other staff members. Schools are also responsible for keeping their buildings safe from the spread of infectious diseases that can be brought into schools by visitors or other students. With the number of people entering schools daily, microorganisms accumulate often, and surfaces become contaminated quickly. The right cleaning products can help prevent the spread of microorganisms and keep school surfaces free from contamination.

A Holistic Approach To Disinfection And Sanitization

Businesses and homes alike need to find a balance between disinfecting surfaces with chemicals or antimicrobial products while not damaging their interior spaces in the process. A cleaner may effectively kill pathogens on contact; however, if it leaves behind any type of residue, these can actually serve as an undesired breeding ground for microbes over time. Kill-on-contact cleaning products also fail to deliver on the preventative aspect of sanitizing and do not offer long-term solutions to surface cleaning. This is where holistic cleaning methods help control contamination by instantly killing germs and protecting surfaces from further contamination in the future.

The Goldshield Advantage

Goldshield antimicrobial products are holistic cleaning products used to protect surfaces. Our antimicrobials are effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, that can quickly recirculate within indoor environments if not properly addressed. Goldshield technology not only kills microorganisms on contact but also protects the surface from future contamination for a minimum of 30 days, making them a much wiser choice when it comes to frequently-used surface cleaning. Goldshield GS75 products can even be sprayed directly onto HVAC filters to protect areas from airborne germs.

Goldshield antimicrobial products provide protection against microbes for weeks after application without any additional labor or effort on your part. Using holistic cleaning methods is much more effective than one-time kill cleaning products because they eliminate the reoccurrence of harmful germs over time.

Get in touch with a team member today to learn more about Goldshield products and their advantages for your home or business.

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Goldshield products offer powerful yet gentle protection that is safe for families, pets, clothes, and surfaces.

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